Medical Face Mask

Medical Face Shield

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Medical Face Shield


1) Anti droplet, anti-dust, anti-splash, anti aerosol
2) Ultralight, super clear
3) Comfortable to wear, complete cover for the face
4) Anti-fall performance
5) Elastic headband
6) Forehead sponge length 20.5cm
7) Shield length 32cm, height 20.5cm
8) CE compliance


The medical face shield is designed for functionality plus comfort, with the following characteristics:

  • Able to protect the face from a splash in all directions with the anti droplets feature.
  • Ultra-light.
  • Made of high-quality materials, with a smooth frame surface.
  • Super clear and anti-fog effect owing to the use of high transparency and high definition materials.



  1. Composition: Protective cover made of high polymer materials + sponge at forehead + elastic belt. Disposable, non-sterile.
  2. Intended use: Protection against splash of fluid.
  3. Performance:
    a) The surface of face shield is smooth, clean, stains and dirt, without burr or scratch; transparent to guarantee clear sight.
    b) Fits your face well.
    c) Complete cover for the face; no folding when bent.
    d) Rubber band fixing belt is of proper elasticity with ductility > 50%.
    e) Anti-fall performance for free falls from 1m in height onto a hard surface.
  4. Precautions:
    a) Stop using if itchiness, rashes or blister condition is severe.
    b) Disposable.
    c) Dispose of into waste bin after use.
  5. Use method: Tear the packaging bag, fix the rubber band onto the head and place the mask over your face.


EN 166:2001, EN ISO 4849:1981, EN ISO 4007:1977, EN ISO 4854:1981, EN ISO 4855:1981